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Say hello to Stella. We are searching for a very special family for her because she is a special dog. She looks like a shepherd mix and we think she is because of her face and body, and she weighs about 50 lbs, but she has short legs carrying her around which is why we need that special family because at only 6 years old, she has some arthritis in her back legs. If you want a dog that will give you lots of love and smiles and be absolutely happy to be with you while you garden, or paint or read a book, or take a short and leisurely stroll around the block, she could be just the dog for you. This dog wants to be with you, and love you. Don't we all need a happy face to greet us when we come home? She could be your steadfast companion.

Stella is also good with cats. Fine with strangers. Not a puppy, she is well behaved and easy going with a laid back attitude. Other than the arthritis, she is in very good shape but you should know that she has had a lot of babies and you can tell by looking at her. We believe she was used for breeding and then discarded. Remember, looks fade but personality lasts a lifetime.

If you are looking for a really sweet dog who will appreciate you saving her, Stella could be your girl.

Adoption applications are available - click on the ADOPTIONS at the top of the page. Send us an email at

Stella will come to you spayed and fully vetted.

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