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I want you to meet Linda - a 2-year-old, 40-lb dog. Do not let the close up photos deceive you - we have dogs like Watson who are 35 lbs - scroll down and compare. Linda has little dog friends at her foster's house and adores them. This poor girl really needs someone to give her a chance.

Linda loves people. She is so sweet and she loves her fosters. They say she is one of the nicest dogs! As a rescue, we know that most dogs have some Chihuahua and pibble in them and Linda does as well, but she also looks to have some Lab in her, so not only is she beautiful but she is smart, and a people-loving dog.

Linda is potty trained and crate trained. Her foster says she is very funny. She is active and sociable with all dogs, and affectionate, playful and loving. She doesn't like motorcycles or fireworks but neither do a lot of dogs. We can help with that. She will share her food.

She lives with adults and children, and dogs of both sexes. She has not been cat tested but it could be arranged. She likes to ride in a car. She is learning to walk well on a leash, and potty training.

Linda is obedient and well-behaved. She likes stuffed animals and balls, and she also likes to play with water. She enjoys being with people.

Adoption applications available at

Linda will come to you spayed and fully vetted.


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