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Adele appears to have coloring and size similar to a Smooth Fox Terrier which can have a white body with a black face but she also could be Chihuahua because she is only 11 lbs, or some mix of both.  S

She is an adult dog estimated to be 6 years old.  She was found on the streets and taken in by the rescue.  Sometimes an adult dog takes a bit longer to find their family, but we recommend them.  They come to you knowing what it is like to be on the streets alone and hungry.and they have a gratitude in them for being rescued by you. When they come to understand that you are their family, their loyalty and love is immeasurable.  

Adele is looking for that special family who wants to change her world.

She will come to you spayed and completely vetted.  

ADOPTION FEE:  $475.00

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