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Ariana and her 3 sisters, Megan, Kim and Missy, were found abandoned in a pile of garbage when they were just weeks old. They were taken into foster to grow up healthy and happy with proper nutrition and good veterinary care. When they come to us as babies, they grow to be good-natured, playful, happy and sweet, used to interacting with people and other dogs at the foster's house, they generally interact well with people and different sized dogs. We are naming our pups after musical artists and this girl is a lot of fun like her namesake Ariana Grande, and she is delicate looking but sweet and happy.

Ariana is 14 months old now, 13.2 lbs currently. We think she is a Chihuahua mix with .... something else a little leggier like an Italian Greyhound maybe? We are often not sure of lineage. She is sweet and lovely, quite friendly. She really likes people and other dogs. She sleeps on a dog bed with the other dogs and is pad trained at the foster's house.

You can also fill out an application for her on our website if you believe she is the girl for you!

Ariana will come to you spayed and completely vetted.


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